Potato Toot LLC was founded in 2014 to provide fun, fair, casual mobile games.

In the hectic, fragmented world of today it can be difficult to find the time to really relax and have some fun, so we focus on casual games that can provide a moment of pleasure in an otherwise chaotic and stressful world.  Expecting only a short window of time,  we understand the player has expectations and we must meet them as quickly as possible. We know that a casual game has to have a few basic ingredients to be fun.  It must engage the player, that is, the player must be interacting with the game, not just watching.  That interaction must be intuitive, no steep learning curves for casual games.  There must be variability, every time the game is played there is something different, each game play session should be unique.  There must be rewards for playing, the fun of playing, of course, but also in-game rewards.  And all this must be happening quickly, because a casual game is only meant to be consumed in bite sized bits.

It must be fair.  Too often casual games are designed to lull in the unsuspecting player with claims of free play, but once the player has played long enough, long enough that they are committed to the game, conveniently (for the game makers) the game now has morphed into a pay to play, or, more accurately, a pay to win game.  Simply put, that’s not cool.  Our philosophy is to never make the player feel like the game is a money grab.  How is this achieved? Easy, never make a money grab.  We believe a business, even one in the mobile gaming industry, can treat the player with respect and still turn a profit.  Our philosophy is to monetize through the rewards system.  Our games our designed so that the game play and game objectives are divorced from items that may be purchased.  The rewards do not affect the outcome of the game.  The rewards should continue with the fun and variability of the game.  And even then, rewards should still be achievable without any monetization.  It may be considered a rewards time sink (albeit that may not have the best connotation).

The philosophy for monetizing, then, is as follows:  Monetization can only be achieved via the rewards system (a rewards system that should not affect the outcome of game play, i.e. no pay to win)  Rewards are distributed along a certain time frame and can be sped up through the monetization process.  There are two ways to do this 1)through rewarded video ads or 2)through In App Purchases.  The former does not speed up the time frame as quickly as the latter, reflecting the monetary value of the two options.  This way, the player may elect to not take part in either of the monetization options and still enjoy the game to its fullest extent (and even receive all the rewards, though at a slower rate, i.e. they will grind for the rewards)  We believe this is the fairest way to make free mobile games.

Potato Toot LLC is committed to making fun, fair, casual games.  We hope you enjoy playing the games we make.