Blinkies was the first mobile game released by Potato Toot LLC.  Released in the Fall of 2015, Blinkies is a casual, infinite side scroller.


Post Mortem

Although Blinkies is still available for download, it is not being actively maintained.  Not a financial success; the game has been of immeasurable value in the educational growth of the company.  Lessons were learned, namely, the game design focused too heavily on the simple game mechanic, the game lacked any clear goals aside from achieving a high score, the game mechanic was focused on at the expense of replayability and variability, and, most importantly, arbitrary time constraints prevented any necessary development and polish that would have benefited the game; because of that haste, decisions that were made were made too quickly – more thought and planning should have gone into the game design.

The game has its shortcomings, very obviously so, but the success was in the achievement of a game that is playable, does not crash, and provided the basics of game play that any reasonable gamer would expect from a game (a simple goal, though not simple to achieve)  It did not go beyond that.  It is very basic, and stable – and nothing else.  However, there is something to be said of seeing a project all the way to its completion, irrespective of the results that follow.  The decision was made to leave the game in the stores (until the stores themselves remove the game) so that the growth of the company and the improvements in the games that follow may be measured, and so that anyone with a dream may see that it all begins with a small step, however clumsy or awkward.

“Mighty things from small beginnings grow” – Dryden